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Best Prices on a New Insight XTD Driver:

2008 model A3 or a3OS: $299 at:
Austad's Golf
Nevada Bob's
Dick's Sporting Goods
The Sports Authority

LCG Tour Version-$529 at:
Nevada Bob's
Dick's Sporting Goods

25thAnniversary Edition $499 at:
(everywhere else is selling it for $699)

Adams Insight XTD Driver Review

For 2008, Adams golf unveiled their version of the square driver with the Insight XTD. The XTD uses the Boxer Technology innovation and square geometry of its successful line of industry leading hybrid clubs. The XTD square driver comes in 2 models. The A3 is for medium to high swing speed golfers looking to straighten out their drives while the a3OS is for slower swing speed golfers looking for extra distance along with the maximum forgiveness that square clubs offers. A basic rule of thumb to figure out which one is for use is this: if you hit your driver over 225 yards, you will want to go with the A3. If you hit it under 225 yards, go with the a3OS. One of the best features of the Insight XTD series is the price. Competitvely priced at $299, the XTD rings up $200 less than Callaway's FT-i and $100 less than Nike's Sumo Squared driver.

Adams Insight XTD square driver

Although Adams Golf is probably best known for their innovations in the rescue club category, their engineers have done a great job with the boxer technology used in its latest line of clubs. The geometry of the boxer technology allows more weight to be pushed to the extreme edges of the club, stabilizing impact torque and delivering an extremely forgiving club. For you that means you will hit the ball a long way while still keeping the ball in the fairway.

Two Styles to Match Your Needs

The Adams Insight XTD line of square drivers comes in two styles: the A3 and the a3OS. Most high handicappers, seniors or others with slower swing speeds will prefer the a3OS, while better golfers with want to get the A3. A general rule of thumb is this: if your normal driver carries less than 200 yards (on the fly) or if you have trouble getting your driver in the air, you will be better of with the a3OS. If you hit your drive over 200 yards on the fly, the A3 will be a better match for you.

The Adams Insight XTD a3OS Helps Short Hitters

The a3OS version of the XTD is designed to help short hitters and slower swing golfers get maximum height and disatance based on their slower clubhead speed. The club has a much lower center of gravity to help get the ball airborne - a characterisitic lacking in the ball flight of most golfers with a slow swing. This can be especially helpful for those who have easy swings due to injuries or for the aging golfer who just can't swing as forcefully as he used to. The a3OS will bring the fun back to the game as you watch your drives once again soar down the fairway.

The Insight XTD A3 Helps the More Accomplished Golfer

The A3 version of the Adams XTD square driver series is designed to help average to better golfers with their game. A slighltly higher center of gravity allows a more penetrating ball flight for maximum distance while retaining all the forgiveness of a hogh MOI driver. . The club has a much lowe center of gravity to help get the ball airborne - a characterisitic lacking in the ball flight of most golfers with a slow swing.


Like any of the new square drivers, the Adams Insight XTD driver will not fix your swing -- but it will make the most out of your present swing and give you better results, meaning longer, straighter drives that help you get to the green with shorter irons. That can only increase your confidence and that will.

How Average Golfers rate the XTD

Insight XTD driver top

It's one thing to hear the theory of how a club is supposed to help you or even how it helped a professional golfer. It's a whole other story when it comes to how a club helps average golfers like you.

I recently played with a friend who bought an XTD. He has always been a good golfer with a long drive, but he did have trouble keeoing his drives in play. He used to always draw the ball and it could turn into a nasty hook if he lost his rythm. Well, in the round we played, ALL of his drives except one were straight as an arrow. Even his one bad drive was a mild pull with a little draw on it and was just off the fariway to the left. After the round, I hit a few drives with it out on the range and was thoroughly impressed byt the balance and weighting. It really seemed to encourage a flowing swing without

Discount XTD options

The Adams Insight XTD driver is a mid-priced driver. While significantly less expensive than the Callaway FT-i, it is still a substantial investment at $299. If money is not an object, a new model is always best. That way you can choose the loft and shaft to best match your swing type. If money is a big issue, however, there are several options. You can get certified, pre-owned clubs at several golf outlets. These clubs were either demos or trade-ins and have been inspected, tested and graded by professionals. You can often save close to a hundred dollars purchasing a used square driver this way.

If you are familiar with using eBay, you can often get some really great deals on golf equipment in their online auctions. Selections constantly change as new clubs become available. Note that some people sell new clubs on eBay too, so be sure to check out what you are bidding on if you go this route. You might actually be able to find a really sweet deal on a new Insight XTD driver.

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